Walker Technical Company was founded by Bob Walker in 1973 and began as a service company for electronic organs. Bob began the company under the name "Walker Technical Services" and brought 20 years of experience in organ maintenance to the field.

In 1985, Walker Technical Services incorporated under the name Walker Technical Company, Inc. Since that time, the company has grown and the management has diversified into several major departments, including Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Sales, Project Management, Service and Installation. Bob still does some of the service work and tonal finishing of some installations done by Walker Technical Company and assists in sales.

Since its inception, Walker Technical Company has expanded into its present position as the leader in digital voice enhancements for pipe organs. The majority of our work is in alliance with pipe organ builders to seamlessly integrate digital voice additions with an accuracy that produces one cohesive instrument. Products manufactured by Walker Technical can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad in such places as the Mormon Tabernacle, Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA, First Congregational Church in Los Angeles, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and David Geffen Hall of the Lincoln Center.

Our digital voice enhancements and console control systems make up a significant part of the two largest drawknob consoles ever constructed. These projects were the five manual, 522 drawknob console for the United States Naval Academy Chapel Organ in Annapolis, MD, and the six manual, 456 drawknob, 421 “rank” instrument built for Forrest Burdette United Methodist Church in Hurricane, WV. We continue to strive for the highest levels of excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.